Open Money Projects – LETSplay

LETSplay is a process of discovery where players can quickly and easily see and understand the key ideas of community currencies, and how they differ from those of conventional money.

It’s not a game about winning or losing – indeed, it’s not a competition at all. It’s just a point-and-click introduction to the elementary ideas.

Players buy and sell game items (from a list – no thinking required) and watch how the money moves. As the money comes and goes, the game shows you:

  • how conventional and community money are different,

  • what comes from that difference,

  • the value of using both forms of money, and

    – the big prize –

  • how to use community money systems without risk.


The online game is totally anonymous – you don’t know who the other players are unless they tell you through other channels.

You can join any game listed on your “Access” page. You can use your account in as many games as you like.

Several accounts are better than one. We recommend you open at least three and play them all in the same game. If that game isn’t active enough for you (income is too infrequent) then try another, or start one of your own and invite friends to play through with you.

Playing a game is a matter of ten clicks – but to get the most from the process, try to get as many $400 items as you can in the ten different “% Local” categories. It will generally help to wait for some income before making another purchase, but the game will only let you get two sales ahead of your purchases, and then you won't see any more sales or income until you've made another purchase.

Use the RSS feed to find out when your account has made a sale and you have more money to play with.


LETSplay is a test of concept site – more alpha than beta – and games may be closed (gone) or suspended (present but frozen) at any time.

Since we don’t record emails or any contact information, we can’t remind you of (or reset) your password if you lose it. So please use simple passwords, and start new accounts if you forget them.

For more of the background:

In most detail:

For further information, or to comment, please email mwl at lets dot net.

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